Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Discover my hero...the art of Judith Scott!

Judith Scott used yo be what some refer to as an "outside artist"; I prefer to simply call her an artist.
She began exploring her creativity at the Creative Growth, a non profit visual art center for the mental and physically disabled located in Oakland, California. Here she experimented with various mediums, until she discovered yarn. Judith had little concept of verbal language but worked in such a passionate, intense systematical manner as if she had finally found a voice in her art work.
Her work is both tactile and visually striking; yarns in a multitude of colors mix, hide and reveal ordinary objects that are transformed in to mutated unidentifiable shapes.
I was once told a story by a friend who was so fortunate to meet her.....
A member of the staff at Creative Growth was given the task to resupply the bathrooms with the toilet paper that had just been bought. Upon entering the storage closet the staff member was shocked to discover that the stock bought for a whole month was missing. Puzzled he began searching everywhere, this off course came with out any success. When finally it had been written off as lost someone discovered that Judith had been inspired by the huge mass of toilet paper and wrapped the entire pile in yarn. A new piece of art was completed.

To find out more about Creative Growth please go to CreativeGorwth.org. To find out more about Judith Scott please look in to purchasing her book "Metamorphosis. The fiber art of Judith Scott".

Images from JudithScottDocumentary.org.

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danny said...

it's sweet you used my drawing here, i also love her work, the world is less now that she is gone......